Classroom Management Philosophy

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Theoretical Introduction

Although I enjoyed the novel Lord of the Flies, I don’t completely agree with the author’s sentiment that if left along, people would grow to become brutish, selfish, and unruly. And although I do believe that human beings need some sort of social structure or guidelines because we are social animals, I whole heartedly believe that human are basically good and that if let to develop in a nurturing environment, we would grow into self-responsible and noble creatures. I believe that acts such as selfishness are definitely learned behaviors. Therefore, I think as my approach to classroom management, I would adopt the approach of a “nurturing” supporter. I believe the role of teacher is someone who supports the learning process of students (like that of Developmentalist) where the curriculum would be student-centered. Because each student has his or her own learning style, a single “method” would not be able to reach every single student. That is why I believe that a teacher is more like a “facilitator” rather than a “boss”. As a facilitator and/or supporter, it is a teacher’s responsibility to acknowledge all of his/her students and their learning style and needs in attempt to create and provide the nurturing environment that would help the students to develop into self-responsible and noble human beings.

Expectations / Policies / Rules / Boundaries

I must admit that during my brief experience as “teacher” while teaching English overseas, I was guilty of setting different expectations for my students. One reason was that I had students of different age groups all in the same classroom. However, I am still guilty of having higher expectations for the students who...

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.... Although the environment would be about one’s “self”, it will not tolerate a “self-centered” attitude. My students would work in teams as much as possible. Human are social animals after all. I think students can learn for each other more than they can learn from me. Being able to work with each other can help all students. Working in a group foster a positive attitude and embracement of diversity and that is what I would like to instill in all of my students.

All in all, my ideal classroom is a safe, respectful, responsibility-oriented, and cooperative place for the students. The class is about the students and not the teacher. The teacher and students would work as a team, a team that is driven by being able to ask questions, questions that are critically thought through and in return, we will all work together as a team towards answering the questions.

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