Classroom Management Philosophy

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Classroom Management Plan

A. The philosophy that I am developing behind my classroom management plan is one that is based on clear communication with my students. I believe that it is important to value relationships with students because that is the starting point of creating a classroom climate that is positive and consistent. It is my goal to cultivate self-directed students so that the behavior management is not taking up lots of valuable class time. Although school seems competitive in its nature because we use grades as the form of evaluation, it is my thought that competition in the classroom should be limited because this will increase better behavior and achievement in all students. Promoting the success of all students rather than promoting a competitive classroom will help each student feel that they are part of a community that wants them to do well. Another important component of my classroom management plan also includes me looking at my own biases and being aware that my own values and beliefs will inevitably appear in my teaching. It is important to me that this is monitored closely so that I am creating an environment that is fair and comfortable for all students.

All young children and students want to learn about the world around them and come to school with a good amount of internal motivation. That internal motivation can either be fostered or killed by the classroom and school experience. Students want to do well and want to feel that others and especially teachers believe in them and want to help them to succeed. It is important that teachers find worth in every student and recognize that students posses different learning styles. A different learning style of student could e...

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...pired by all of the interesting new information we are learning. Students will create drawings, painting, and poems that appeal to them. They will not be judged or labeled; they will just be appreciated for what they are. Students need an outlet and I plan on allowing them an opportunity for experiencing education that is fun and not filled with anxiety. Before my students leave they will line up and I will thank them for their presence and tell them all that I look forward to seeing them tomorrow.

I realize with Open Court and other needs to meet curriculum standards this sort of classroom seems idealistic. I will just have to explain to my principal that this is what I have to do to feel that I am serving my students properly. I will be a motivated teacher and I hope that I will motivate students to love learning as much as I do.
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