Classroom Management Issues

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Classroom Management Issues

Classroom management issues are looked at from a variety of ways. In other words, regardless of what medium a teacher will use to manage a classroom, there are several main objectives that must be met. These objectives are outlined in an article written by Charles E. Backes and Iris C. Ellis called “The Secret of Classroom Management.” All of their ideas pivot around three central ideas: respect for the students, preparation, and a passion for education. For instance, a few of their tips are to “Pick your battles carefully,” “Fill each period with activity,” and “Care about the students,” (Backes and Ellis-2005). I plan on delving into each of these three main pivot points to discuss how they are applied, and how technology can be used throughout.

Preparation: A Necessity for Managing the Classroom

First, I will discuss preparation. This is probably the most important aspect to classroom management. A teacher is left without any way to prove his or her authority without being prepared for the class and the students. The most effective way to prepare for class is by way of a lesson plan. A lesson plan is a common outline system used by teachers to make sure they stay on pace with the required curriculum. is a website that offers examples of different types of lesson plans, showing teachers what format in which they should construct their lesson plans. Cherie McGovern, author of these example lesson plans includes a brief overview of what is to be covered, a list of sources from which the material is derived, and a list of materials that will be necessary for the teacher to have in order to successfully complete the activity. She also includes post-lesson instruct...

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