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Classroom behavior for this particular class has be a challenge for me. This class has five or six students who have behavioral issues. This is the biggest part of classroom management. If I can not manage behavior , then I can’t over come any other management. I have not given up on meeting this challenge. In the beginning of this semester I discussed ideas that dealt with hand raising , and a number system that involves expectations and meeting those . For students that did not meet the expectations , numbers were assigned. A certain amount of numbers received varying degrees of consequences, from time out to filling out a behavior strategy sheet for the parents to sign. While this was a good idea , it did not always work. The more that my clinical teacher left the room the more students would try to see what they could get away with from me. One student could miss behave causing a chain reaction that quickly would get out of control. I think this is the learning curve of all interns. Something had to be done and quick. During my all days I tweaked my behavior plans. I taped an index card on each student’s desk . Each time a student was disrespectful , did not do homework, or just plain misbehaved; an “X” was placed on that card in marker. The student would date and write down on the card what the “X” was for. Three X’s in one week meant that the student would call his or her parent in front of me and explain what they did. Parents were required to sign the card. Students with less than two X’s were sent with me for an extra reward, such as a popsicle. With this classroom you must constantly monitor what works with these children. I have found that they can become immune to your behavior strategies unless you keep adding ... ... middle of paper ... ...sons were planned differently so many different learning styles could be addressed. The fact is that Math Testing has been done before and since I have had this class. I hope it is not coincidence ,but both Accelerated Math and assessment scores have increased since Math has not always been taught at the end of the day anymore. Several things have gone into my management plan. I am finding that there will not be one constant plan that will work all of the time. The plans will vary depending on the type of students I have. It will always be evolving. I believe that communication with the parents will be key to how these plans will evolve. New technology and curriculum will also play a part in the evolution of my plan. I will have to constantly assess what works and doesn’t work and address the changes as necessary. This semester has already taught me how to do that.

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