Classroom Control At West Hill

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Teachers have exerted extensive control over their classrooms. Each classroom and each teacher has a list of rules posted inside their classrooms or on the first or second page of the students’ binder. These rules make an effort to direct the behaviours of students by adjusting the way in which they conduct themselves so to create a controlled setting. Since there is only one teacher and an average of 30 students in a classroom, if limitations and rules are not put in place then chaos will be effortless. As a part of maintaining control, most classrooms are set up with a rigid order of seating or more generally called a seating plan. At the beginning of the school year, students choose a seat and that will be their station for the rest of the year. For approximately 75 minutes each day, students are confined in a quadrangle with a desk and chair and a class controller that teaches the norms and behavioural expectations in society. At the end of the day learners exit classrooms through one mode of exit which also doubles as an entrance. The inputting of rules, the utilization of stric...
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