Classical Music Comparison

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Music is one of the most important things for human's life in the past and present. In fact, music is everywhere in our lives; for example, when you are watching your favorite movies, there is always music in them, and it adds emotion and feelings to the movie. When you are eating at a restaurant, the music makes your mood good, and it feels that the food is even more delicious. If there is no such thing as music, a lot of things around get less interesting. Of course, the trend of music has been changing all the time. Classical music, compared with modern pop music, is really different than the last one. However, great music are still listened by people; therefore, it does not matter when they were composed neither who composed them. Classical music is one of the categories that is old, but people still enjoy to listen to it. The ones of the famous great Classical music composers, Ludwig van Beethoven who is well known for his deafness and work which is Choral: Symphony No.9, Frederic Chopin for Minute Waltz, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, and Peter Tchaikovsky are influenced by one Classical music composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart did not only influence to Classical music composers, but also to modern music artists. Hip-Hop star, Ludacris, is also one of the musicians who is influenced by Mozart. Ludacris sampled Mozart's Requiem in D Minor in one of his works “Coming 2 America”. You will hear the very interesting tune in the music; it sounds weird that mixing up a Classical music and Hip-Hop music; however, those two total different pieces of music are uncomfortably matched. As you see, the influence of Mozart is huge to the musicians of all time. In this paper, I will explore about the influential gifted composer, W...

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...thor couldn’t be found (Website-Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART - the music of Mozart), Paragraph under the topic “INFLUENCE”). Also, one of the Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No.3 in C Minor is clearly a tribute to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.24 in C Minor. Beethoven is also well known for his massive influence to other composers and music, therefore, if Mozart had not existed in the world, Beethoven would not be able to be who he actual was, and , naturally, the other great composers who were influenced by Beethoven would not be neither.
It is crystal clear that how important the existence and talent of Mozart are. The past and present are always connected, and if even just one thing had not happened, the world would have become a totally different world. Especially, if the one thing is huge and important, the influence of it to the world is significantly great as Mozart is.
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