Classical Liberalism And Modern Liberalism

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We use ideas that are hundreds of years old to run our cities, states and country governments. Modern conservatism and modern liberalism both play a major role in our current government by supporting ideologies created by philosophers of the early 17th century. I will be talking about the early ideas of both these systems and how they developed into becoming modern systems that have been integrated into Political party and political systems. In order to understand our modern liberalism we must first understand classical liberalism and where it all started. Classical liberalism started in the 17th century and lasted until the 19th century. Liberals set this ideology in a way to challenge and oppose the Power of kings and government. It limits how much power a government can have over their citizens and it maximizes the rights of individuals. Classical Liberalism must include individual liberty in order to restrain any form of institutions that may endanger liberty of the people including but not limited to churches, government, and social conventions. These institutions can also pose a threat to how progress can be achieved. Libertarians are strong believers of how mankind can advance in order to expand knowledge and progress socially. People must be open to change in order to advance by having an open mind, eliminate old attitudes, and banish superstitions. These ways can lead to problem solving skills with reasoning. Without reasoning, however, institutions can be a threat to social progress by demanding obedience to authority. Universally the rights of all people can be enforced by extending rights to “responsible men” and classes causing all societies to benefit from liberalism, The most important part of liberalism is its abi... ... middle of paper ... ...single most important political and important moral issue that currently exists, but no matter how strong of an issue there is, it is in favor of strict rules set to protect national security before taking military action. Today, most modern conservative members are part of the republican party. To conclude, Modern conservatives and Modern Liberalists both co-exist in today’s society in adapted way compared to their original roots. They both adapt in order to be on top of current issues and problems that did not exist in the beginning. Most of their ideologies can be found in two big political parties known as democrats and republicans. Democrats Believe in Modern Liberalism and Republicans believe in Modern Conservatism. It is important that both ideologies are balanced in all parts of the government in order to satisfy the different beliefs of the American people
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