Class Statification in the UK

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Social Stratification has changed multiple times within the United Kingdom, though there has been a more recent study completed by the BBC. The most recent study suggests that the original Upper, Middle and Working Class designs were out dated only fitting 39% of people. A new seven tier system has been proposed (BBC, 2013). As social stratification has changed from occupation, wealth and education to one of economic, social and culture (BBC, 2013). Though this is not a new concept as in 1981 a six tier social scale was devised separating the population through job roles (Saunders, 1990, p.29); however through convenience the social scale have always been simplified into the three main categories. The essay will cover both the simplified social scale of the three categories and also the newly defined social class scale. There are multiple ways in which language, power and education interlink. However, this essay will strive to identify to what extent Language, Power and Education are interlinked with one another. Finding to what degree a child’s personal idiolect can be shaped and whether this affects the probabilities of furthering academe. Exploring this ideas, though the theories of Basil Bernstein, Pierre Bourdieu and Mikhail Bakhtin to identify issues that may arise though cultural and social capital. Persons’ have to adapt to different communities of people throughout their lives, this can develop a persons’ idiolect. Kris Rutten’s (2011, p.6) article discusses bother speech and discourse communities found within a University. Highlighting issues students face and adapt to, some examples are: the specific language used, clothing and other practices performed within the academic world, this allows the student to become acce... ... middle of paper ... ...Real: Theories and Practices for Learning and Teaching. Sage: London. • Rutten, K (2011) ‘Academic Discourse and Literacy Narratives as Equipment for Living.’ CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture [online] 13(4) pp. 1-9 [Accessed 13th February 2014]. Available at: • Saunders, P (1990) Social Class and Stratification. London: Routledge • Sullivan, A (2002) Bourdieu and Education: How Useful is Bourdieu’s Theory for Researchers? The Netherlands’ Journal of Social Sciences [online] 38 (2) pp. 144- 166 [Accessed 11th May 2014]. Available at: <> • University of Warwick (2010) Draft outline of Bernstein’s concepts [online] pp.1-12 [Accessed 6th March 2014]. Available at:

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