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When looking at jazz throughout all of its years, there is always one name that comes to mind; Louis Armstrong. For every jazz musician that came after him, Louis Armstrong can be considered a influence. No matter what instrument a person played or even how long they played that instrument for Louis Armstrong has influenced them on one way or another. "Louis Armstrong’s trumpet speaks to the possibilities available to the individual in a democracy." This quote, though untrue, still has a way of saying that Louis Armstrong was an influential artist. This influence on artists helped shape what jazz is today. Clark Terry was one of the artists who in one way or another was influenced by the great Louis Armstrong. With this influence, Clark Terry picked up a trumpet and learned to play. This would begin a lifetime of jazz music and just music in general that would change Clark Terry and the world around him forever. When it comes to the Jazz world Clark Terry would influence a lot of musicians himself which is one way he changed the world of music and the world in general. Clark Terry was also a leader in music education. The way he could teach is another way his influenced musicians and the world alike. Clark Terry also made a big stand in the equal rights of African Americans as well. On top of all of this, Clark Terry was just an influential artist who’s musical genius could speak for itself. Clark Terry was a teacher, talented musician and humanitarian who has helped make the world a better place in many different ways.

To start off one must look back at the beginning of Clark Terry’s life to see where this all began. Clark was born in St. Louis Missurri. It is said that he made his first trumpet out of a garden hose and he played in local clubs in Vashon High School before joining the navy band during World War 2. Another source said that his first instrument was a trumpet he bought for twelve dollars and fifty cents, but either way it was a good thing he got that first trumpet. After this, Clark Terry is known for joining bands with Charlie Barnet, Charlie Ventura, Eddie Vinson and Count Basie.

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