Clara Barton: Founder of the Red Cross

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Clara Barton is a very important health pioneer. Clara Barton started the Red Cross in America which is still in operation today. She overcame many obstacles throughout her life and many people telling her she couldn’t do it. She is an inspiration to everyone. She grew up and her life began in North Oxford, Massachusetts, she was inspired by Florence Nightingale, she helped during and after wars, she helped with her ill family and battled her own depression, she started the Red Cross after much hard work and even after all that resigned and still made an impact (Cobb, 2014). Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821 (Cobb, 2014). Her full name is Clarissa Harlowe Barton and she grew up in North Oxford, Massachusetts (Cobb, 2014). When she was young she was constantly found helping and taking care of others, whether it be her brothers and sisters or neighbors according to the article Barton, Clara. She was taught to read by her sisters and taught mat by her brother (Cobb, 2014). Clara also for a time was a teacher. She taught in a town called Bordentown, New Jersey and raised enrollment from six students to six hundred students by offering to teach for free so that parents did not have to pay in order to send their children to school. She probably would have continued to teach except for the fact that when the town chose a principal they passed over her and chose a male. She then resign from the school (“Clara Barton Biography,” 2014). She then for a time worked the as a clerk in Washington, D.C. in the Patent Office until harassment and new presidency left her without a job ("Blood facts and,”). Barton began helping the injured in 1861 when she learn that no one had made any kind of preparations for the injured. She gathered w... ... middle of paper ... ...odwin, J. (2013). Clara barton. Dictionary of Unitarian & Universalist Biography , Retrieved from Henneberger, M. (2012, April 6). Red cross founder clara barton fought ‘thin black snakes’ of depression by springing into action. The Washington Post, Retrieved from Morrow, L. (1996). Claras heart. Policy Review, (75), 64. Retrieved from References Schmidt, C. (2004). In our community: One vision followed by thousands. Lippincott's Nursing,104(8), 36-37. Retrieved from

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