Clara Barton

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Clara Barton Clara Harlowe Barton was born on Christmas day, 1821 in Oxford Massachusetts. She was the youngest of her 4 siblings by at the least 10 years of age. Growing up in a middle class family, Clara was home schooled until the age of 15, then she became the teacher. As a child, in her spare time Clara enjoyed treating sick and injured pets and neighborhood animals. At the age of 11 Clara’s brother fell off their barn roof and she took it upon herself to help him recuperate, which later served as her medical studies. As she grew older it came as no surprise that her humanitarian interests would lead her to a field of health, which she pursued until the day she sadly passed, April 12th, 1912. In 1861 the Civil War had begun. At the time of the war Clara had been working at the United States patient office in Washington, D.C. As the sixth Massachusetts regiment arrived Clara followed, leaving her job and beginning her life as a philanthropist. First Clara accomplished the task of starting a relief program for the injured soldiers. Next Clara was brought to attention of a medical supply shortage, and quickly organized a donation. As she arrived at the “Cornfield” she wasted no time before acting as medical staff and distributing her supplies to surgeons. Ms. Barton cradled soldiers in the middle of the battle field trying to ease their pain. To do all she could to help Ms. Barton cooked food and distributed water to the wounded. When night fell Clara Barton g...

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