Civilized Oppression In Society

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Oppression signifies an authority of a dominant group over a monitory group, disengaging the minority group from society. “ The term oppression encapsulates the fusion of institutional and systemic discrimination, personal bias, bigotry and social prejudice in a complex web of relationships and structures that shade most aspects of life in our society” (Bell, 2007). In one way or another every individuals experience some form of oppression, whether it be through, sex, gender, religion, age, economic status and/or sexual orientation. In some instances, an “individual may experience multiple oppression and they can be experienced simultaneously or singularly depending on the context” ( Vernon). For, an example as an African American who also…show more content…
It is the experiences of repetitive , widespread, systemic injustice( harvey). It is not always extreme, nor does it always involve physical violence or the legal system. Oppression can be maintained not only through coercion but also through the voluntary consent of those who are subjected to it( teaching for diversity and social justice). “ Civilized oppression” is a term used by Jean Harvey to describe the everyday process of oppression in daily life. It is the normalizing of notions projected by the dominant group onto the rest of society that become accepted as part of natural order. For an example, being heterosexual is “normal “as opposed to being gay and consequently the privilege of being heterosexual applies to all regardless of race, gender, etc. There is often an invisible privilege associated with heterosexuality in our society (teaching diversity). For example, a heterosexual couple can walk down the street holding hands without receiving stares or insults from passerby, where as if I choose to walk down the street holding my partners hand I may get angry glares or even have derogatory slurs yelled at me. Individuals of the dominate group move through their daily lives unaware of the daily injustices faced by members of the subdominant group. Individuals that deviate from the norms set forth by society are often subjected to some form of…show more content…
These individuals may rise up and take action against the oppressor by being the voice for the oppressed or subdominant group. For an example, Susan B. Anthony was a member of an oppressed group, but she took action against the took action against the government and begin the women 's rights movement. Throughout history members of oppressed group have created movements to propel its members toward equality. For an example, the Civil Rights movements which aimed to gain legal equality and the enforcement of constitutional rights for African
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