Civil union

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War is all around us. Not just the kind of what you see on TV with bombs and guns and death. There are smaller wars going on in the world today that people don't even realize may cause more harm to innocent lives then to those of our nations enemies. The main war going on is the one on gay recognition. There is much talk about this topic, especially on the lives that were taken because of a lifestyle choice that some people couldn't control. Acceptance is what most people are afraid of but also opinions of the another persons point of view is really what they can't accept. If we could find a way to give un-biased rights to everyone so that everyone can have it their way, we can be one step closer to ending a war. Little do people realize that there is a policy here in America that could give us this opportunity. This is why all states should adopt civil union rights because it would give fair equality, it's a policy that could be adopter by everyone, and it can provide peace on this topic in the US. Before we get into why civil union should be adopted in the the US, you need to understand what civil union is. An article written by Kathy Belge helps explain and clear of questions about the difference between marital and civil union status. She states "First of all, What is Marriage? When people marry, they tend to do so for reasons of love and commitment. But marriage is also a legal status, which comes with rights and responsibilities. Marriage establishes a legal kinship between you and your spouse. It is a relationship that is recognized across cultures, countries and religions. What is a Civil Union? Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships exist in only a handful of places...Vermont was the first state to create civil u... ... middle of paper ... ...ent in that couples can have a marriage lifestyle while at the same time protagonist don't have to worry about The actual act of marriage being performed. And finally there can be peace in this topic just like there is peace nowadays on the color of peoples skin. Same-sex couples will finally get to lifestyle even trying to achieve, the protagonist can file sense of achievement and people won't look at them like evil people. I will also bring peace towards the Catholic Church on people's perception of gay being hated when reality they're loved and excepted by Christians because they're just like any other person and should not feel like they are hated. Now the choice is up to you. Do you want this war to go on into your child generation or do you want to adopt a policy that could finally bring peace to everyone and maybe make the world and safer place to live in?
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