Civil War in Syria

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When asked about his opinion on the Arab Spring movement King Abdullah II of Jordan answered, “Whether it’s a year from now, five years or ten years, all of us will say it was a good thing because it is a defining moment in Arab history” (“King” ¶3). According to Wikipedia, the Arab Spring is a widespread series of protests and conflicts that began in December 2010 that has caused a massive amount of change in the Middle East. Because of the movement, rulers in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen have been overthrown; there have been protests of varying degrees in twelve other countries, and larger conflicts in Bahrain and Syria (“Arab” ¶1-2). Out of all these nations, Syria has had the most violent uprising, by far, and is currently in the midst of a civil war. The Syrian conflict is being prolonged because of President Bashar al-Assad’s unwillingness to relinquish power.
Syria has had a very turbulent past filled with governmental change and violence; based on a BBC timeline many key details of its history include the following: In October 1918, it gained its independence from the Ottoman Empire and then in 1920 Syria came under French control. It remained under French control until 1946 when the last French troops withdrew from the country. In 1947 the Arab Socialist Baath Party was formed. The United Arab Republic was formed from the union of Egypt and Syria in 1958. Hafez al-Assad took power in 1970 which started a four decade (on going) long regime. In 1980, Muslim Brotherhood members attempted to assassinate Assad. In 1982, he violently crushed an uprising in the city of Hama by the Muslin Brotherhood and was accused of causing the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians. In 1990, Syria joined the U.S. backed coalition force...

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