Civil War Research Report

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The Civil War is one of the first wars to document every aspect of warfare: the soldiers, both dead and alive, generals and colonels of the Union and the Confederate armies, battlefields, artillery, and destruction. The photos of soldiers with hard, forsaken faces truly show the stress of the war put on them. Thanks to the courageous photographers who risked their lives, we can truly witness the historic event and experience times long ago. Mathew Brady is one of the most famous photographers of the Civil War. In order to see how he organized an extensive effort to provide photographic coverage of the war, we must examine his background in photography. Mathew Brady was born May 18, 1822 in Warren County, NY. When he was 16, he moved to Saratoga, NY. There, he met William Page, a famous portrait painter. Brady became Page’s student, and in 1839 he also studied photography from William Page’s teacher, Samuel F. Morse who was interested in daguerreotypes. In 1844, Mathew Brady opened his own photography shop in NY. Brady’s early images were daguerreotypes, which soon was replaced by the faster, cheaper ambrotype. His business in photography attracted very renowned people including Edgar Allen Poe and James Fennimore Cooper. The business became a big success. At the start of the Civil War, Mathew Brady’s business had an increase in sales. Parents of young soldiers wanted to capture their son’s images so they had something to remember them by in case the young men died. Mathew Brady soon wanted to document the war itself. In 1861, President Lincoln granted permission for Brady to travel the battle sites. There was a financial risk and risk of injury or death. But, as he was quoted saying, "I had to go. A spirit in my feet said 'Go,... ... middle of paper ... ...llodion Process of Photography." 19th Century History. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 May 2014. . Morgan, Kenya. "GLOSSARY OF SOME OF THE MAJOR PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESSES." 2004. 7 May 2014 . Morgan, Keya. "About Mathew Brady." 2004. 7 May 2014 . Perry, Douglas. "The Civil War as Photographed by Mathew Brady." National Archives. 8 May 2014 . "Photographers of the American Civil War." Wikipedia. 8 May 2014 . Rudisill, Richard. "Brady, Mathew B." World Book Online. 7 May 2014 .
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