Civil War Necessity

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523 words

The Civil war was a very large part of American history because it served to end slavery, and to reunite the Northern Union states with the seceded southern states. The Civil war was a much necessary part of history as most historians would agree because after such a long history of conflict between the Northern and Southern ideals and lifestyles, they were destined to clash, and the shock of violence helped to reconcile their intentions quickly. Without the Civil War, bloodshed may or may not have been spared, but it was inevitable that the tension between North and South would eventually peak and conflict would be soon to follow. One of the main causes of the Civil War was the issue on slavery. Many agreed slavery was morally wrong, but it was obvious and nobody could argue against the fact that it was an integrated and necessary part of the current southern lifestyle. The main labor force in the south were the hundreds of thousands of slaves to work on the huge expanses of plantation land. In contrast, the main work force of the North consisted of common citizens who worked ...

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the civil war ended slavery and reunited the northern union states with the seceded southern states. the shock of violence helped reconcile their intentions quickly.
  • Explains that slavery was an integral part of the current southern lifestyle. the south resisted the abolitionist efforts with all their might, causing tension between the north and south.
  • Opines that if reconstruction went as gently as lincoln planned, the south and north could've reached new understandings on the basis of a brand new compassion shown by the northern states.
  • Concludes that the civil war was necessary evil in the history of america so the union could quell tensions, and reconcile efforts to strengthen the nation.
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