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Introduction: The American Civil war occurred shortly after their independence. It started 1861-1865 which was a war between the northern and the southern states of the United States of America, the northern states was called the Union and the southern states was called the Confederation. The American civil war was the first war after the industrial revolution and also considered as the bloodiest war in the American history. (khan, 2011) Although the war broke out in America it also affected other countries in the world, the cotton production in the southern states closed because of the war and countries around the world couldn’t import their goods an example is Great Britain ‘’As Lincoln acknowledged […] Civil war hurt working people in Manchester’’ (McKay, et al., 2012, p. 830) Body: In 1860 was the year Abraham Lincoln was elected as the president of USA, Lincoln was strongly against slavery and that was the main reason for the Civil war. In the southern states the slaves was an important income for their economy because they were relying on agricultural work instead of industrial work they produced almost all of the nation’s rice which was about 225 bushels, and if they lost their slaves their economy would fall. This didn’t affect the northern states too much because the northern states owned 91% of the country’s industrial capacity. The northern states had 101,000 while the southern states only had 21,000 and the Border States had 9,000 factories. The Union was producing 30 times more shoes and boots 13 times more iron and 32 times more firearms. So South Carolina a southern state decided to secede from the Unites States of America together with 10 other states which included Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississi... ... middle of paper ... ...on. The northern states that were more industrialized were clearly at a huge advantage because of it. Unfortunately the southern states were quite old fashioned and that cost them the war. The American Civil war has affected the American history even today; America who’s been famous for slavery business for many years was put to an end because of this war. Even though this war is considered as the bloodiest war in American history it’s also one of the most memorable incidents that did not only change America but also the whole world because of the freedom of slaves. In my opinion this is one of the biggest and one of the most successful incidents because of the abolishing of slaves that influenced the world. Who knows what the world would have looked like if the Confederation won the war? Would USA be split into two? Would there still be slaves today? Nobody knows.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the american civil war began 1861-1865, a war between the northern and southern states of the united states of america.
  • Explains that although the war broke out in america, it also affected other countries in the world, such as great britain.
  • Explains that lincoln was strongly against slavery and that was the main reason for the civil war.
  • Explains that the confederation has claimed that they are no longer a part of the u.s.
  • Explains that the minie-balls were used in muskets used by both the north and south. they were oval shaped, weighted one ounce, and made by lead.
  • Explains that the union outnumbered the confederation by 18.5 million compared to 5.5 million free and 3.5 million slaves. the union used telegraphs and had around 20.000 miles of railroad.
  • Explains that president abraham lincoln published an ultimatum that the south must re-join the u.s and abolish slavery. lincoln freed all slaves in the southern states by singing the emancipation proclamation.
  • Describes the bloodiest year of the civil war, the battle in gettysburg, where the confederation outnumbered the union.
  • Analyzes how the american civil war shows how powerful the industrial revolution was and how much it affected the war, railroads, fire power, and evolution of production.
  • Opines that the confederation's defeat of slavery was one of the biggest and most successful incidents in history.
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