Civil War Deaths And Lacerations Analysis

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Deaths and Lacerations The United States would not be the way it is now if it wasn’t for the Civil War . The Civil War was and is going to be one of the most bloody war that had a huge impact to our country. The purpose of this war was to figure out if our nation, with a declaration that states all men are created with equal rights to liberty , can still endure the slave-holding country, the United States. This war lasted for about 4 years, 1861-1865; although, the battle lasted for three days and resulted in over 620,00 deaths and over a million injuries. When the public elected Abraham Lincoln as president in 1860 , he wanted to end slavery in territories where there was slavery. However, the Southern states did not comply with these demands so they withstood this. Furthermore , the Confederate, Northern states , and the Union , Southern states , wounded up fighting , killing , and injuring each other. …show more content…

A Sergeant named Buster Kilrain was pertained to the Union. He had been shot in the armpit during the second day of the battle and did not go to the battlefield hospital . Instead , he wrapped a dirty rag around his armpit and continued to fight. It says this on page 218 from The Killer Angels . In this case , Buster Kilrain should have went to the hospital so the doctors can take out the bullet , clean the wound , and wrap his wound with a clean cloth. In spite of this , Kilrain did not do

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  • Explains that the civil war was a bloody war to determine if the united states could endure slavery.
  • Analyzes how a sergeant named buster kilrain was shot in the armpit during the second day of the battle and didn't go to the battlefield hospital.
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