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The Civil War was an inevitable event in American history due to the vast differences and conflicts that had arisen between the North and South since the beginning of the nation. The forefront of these differences was the issue of slavery. To the South slavery was an essential need for the agricultural economy and was deeply engraved into the culture and their way of life. The North, however, didn’t require slavery due to their predisposition to more industrial modes of economy. This along with several other sectional differences and the Decade of Crisis opened the floodgate of the Civil War. The War ultimately led to the Union victory over the the confederacy along with the abolishment of slavery with the issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation …show more content…

These Black codes were used to bypass the Reconstruction amendments to try and prevent african americans from accessing their basic rights. Black codes were typically centered around restricting the african americans civil rights such as forcing them into labor contracts with white masters by using vagrancy laws, apprenticeship for black males up to age 21 and black females up to 18 which could be forced if needed, blacks punishments in courts were harsher than a white man’s, and the Grandfather clause or poll taxes which restricted freedmen's ability to vote and political activity. Due to the Black codes the change in the rights of african americans from before the civil war to after were minimal, in that, the only difference was that they were no longer enslaved, however, they still enjoyed very few rights as freedmen. Aside from the Black codes another major inhibitor of african americans civil rights was the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK was a widespread white supremacist group, founded by Nathan Forrest, who took it upon themselves to try and prevent blacks from exercising their rights. They accomplished their goal by organizing lynchings and using intimidation tactics to frighten freedmen. The Freedmen's Bureau, which was created to aid freedman after the civil war, reported that the KKK was responsible for over 300 deaths of african americans.The KKK would also position members …show more content…

After the assassination of Lincoln, Andrew Johnson took over the presidency. During his term, Johnson employed his plan for reconstruction, which was less lenient for the south than Lincoln's. At first Johnson seemed to be what the radical republicans wanted as he would indict prominent Confederate generals for treason, but he quickly began to lose popularity with them as he believed Reconstruction was the executive’s issue over the legislative. This led to anger of the moderate and radical republicans who later took into their hands to handle Reconstruction by passing the first Reconstruction act which would require southern states to ratify the fourteenth amendment. This along with other acts like the Tenure of Office Act, began a weakening of the federal government that was only weakened during the presidency of Ulysses S Grant. Grant and his administration helped to weaken federal power in two ways: The most important was the how riddled his administration was with scandals and the second was how Grant wasn’t well versed in politics and typically favored legislative power. One such scandal was the Whiskey Ring scandal where whiskey distilleries were bribing government officials to avoid federal taxes. The scandals negatively affected the public

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