Civil War

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The American Civil War was the most fearsome battle ever fought in American soil. The Civil War was a horrible time in America during that time. There were 618,000 casualties in the war. It was a dreadful time for incent families. It was also the biggest impact in the United States History. Major reasons led to this distressing time. The Northern and Southern states had contradictory opinions, which influenced what resulted into the Civil War. The events which most heavenly contributed to the Civil War are economic and social differences, election of Abraham Lincoln, abolition, and slavery. Different social, economic, and political views gradually separated the North and South farther and farther apart. The North and South had very conflicting perspective views of slavery and their way of life. In other words, the North and South could not agree with each other on many things that corresponded to slavery or their own way of life. This is because the North and South had did not agree on the issue of slavery and the way it should be handled. “Both sides, North and South were concerned...

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