Civil War

During the Civil war, most Union Army soldiers were immigrants, and approximately one in ten were African-American. This was incredible for the African American race, as they became united with the Whites and fought for a common ground, being the abolishment of slavery against the Sout, or the Confederate Army. Many people will claim that the war could have been avoided, had people gone about things differently. They, though, are wrong. The Civil War was inevitable between the North an South, as their social beliefs on slavery were worlds apart, westward expansion was creating tension, and Spot's Resolution, Wilmot Proviso, and Election of 1860 made the war unavoidable. The social beliefs between the North and South were a major cause of the Civil War, and as many people are aware: you cannot "fight fire with fire", which is exactly what occurred between the North and the South. This action in itself will eventually lead the country to war, as each side's opinion on slavery becomes more heated. The North believed that they took a moral highroad, claiming that slavery was wrong and needed to be abolished. The South, on the other hand, saw slavery as a way of life and, since the slaves only were 3/5th of a person to them, they saw nothing wrong with what they were doing. Thinking that the North was trying to destroy their way of life, the South saw every reason to secede from the States and fight a war if need be. Their whole economic base was on the line, and they were reasonably upset. The North, however, was motivated by passion. They simply had not understood that the South truly believed they needed their slaves to accomplish all the work quotas on the plantation. By taking the "moral highroad", they were motivated by passion.... ... middle of paper ... ...n the North at Fort Sumter. Though they did seem to attempt to avoid war, the inevitability of it all was overwhelming. As their social beliefs on slavery were dramatically different, westward expansion was creating a rise in tension, and Spot's Resolution, the Wilmot Proviso, and Election of 1860 made the war inevitable. Both sides were passionate with their beliefs, creating a rough start to the situation. Westward Expansion was simply a race to spread ideas, which is never a good idea, and the Election of 1860 with everything leading up to it finally broke the ice between the two sides. As the popular saying goes, "you can only stretch a rubber band so far until it breaks". Though the war was tragic, having lost more men in the course of four years than any other American conflicts combined, there was no way to avoid the two sides clashing and a war to break out.
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