Civil Unions Should Have the Same Status as Marriage

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Gay people hear the government talk about civil unions and domestic partnerships everyday being equal to marriage, and that is just completely observed. The gay community is being feed lies. As far as I'm concerned marriage doesn't exist in the gay community. Unfortunately marriage is only recognized between a man and a women. In fact there are states that try recognize same sex relationships, but we do not enjoy the same rights as a hereto married couple at the state level. We are not aloud to make decisions for our partners in life threatening events. We don't even have the right to be by a partner's side in the hospital because we're not classified as married. Gay couples can't even leave things to their partner because we are quote UN quote not married. If all people are created equal then marriage should be for the people.

We call America a free place but we don't all have the same rights as other American people. If civil union is equal to marriage why don't straight people have a civil union? Because it's not real its fabricated! We want our marriages to be treated the same way as any other marriage: No more, no less. We want to take care of our families & ensure that they are taken care of/get whatever benefits we are entitled to should we become sick or die. I don't understand why some marriages are honored and others are not. People should be able to wed when someone truly loves someone regardless of their sexual orientation.

As far as I know gay marriage is not recognized because of religion. We are all American people and we are being shorted out of love and happiness. Gay people pay tax dollars just like straight people. So why are we being treated differently. It seems like our rights ...

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... have come a long way over the last few years. Civil unions are still considered new so not everyone recognizes them as marriage. I was also very surprised to find out that when a gay couple says they are in a civil union they are seen as being single. Another thing that was brought to my attention was the act of a civil union in one state don't count in another where as marriage does. Religion and government is the main reason civil unions are not passed in other states. Some states don't even recognized that a civil union would exist between two people because they don't count. If you are in a gay relationship the best place to live is Vermont because everything is equal. I was right about civil unions they are the same as marriage and they are seen as almost as a subtute to marriage. Civil unions need to be the same as marriages in order to make everyone happy.
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