Civil Rights in Sports

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Remember the Titans is a perfect example of how minority athletes faced racial discrimination and their slow integration into white society. The movie explores the civil topics of racism, discrimination and athletics. Although based on a true story, the sports drama film changed and dramatized the events that actually occurred during T.C. Williams 1971 high school football season in Alexandria, Virginia. Boaz Yakin, director, intended for the film to depict and emphasize the conflict between white and black athletes and how even at the youth level discrimination and racial tension existed. By doing so, Yakin included some events and characters that did not actually exist in order to furthermore explain his point. This helped the audience connect to the characters, aiding them in order to feel and experience the events to a greater knowledge. The main difference between the film and actual events is the climax of the movie, the 1971 AAA state championship football game between T.C. Williams and George C. Marshall High School. The dramatic license taken in the movie converted a mid-season matchup into a made for Hollywood state championship. The Marshall game had been the toughest game that T.C. Williams played and in reality the state championship, against Andrew Lewis High School, ended with a 27-0 blowout in favor of the Titans. By making the state championship against Marshall instead of Andrew Lewis, Yakin and producers better highlighted the difficultness both the black and white athletes faced in order to reach the championship.
Boaz Yakin included other changes to thoroughly explain the conflict between the racially mixed T.C. High School football players. An important difference that exists includes the creation of ficti...

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...issues that surrounded them and their community. This changes the course of the film because for the first time black and white men are seen truly bonding and caring for each other at a time of great sorrow. The events that happened in the real world vary to a lesser extent than those of the film. Gerry and Julius indeed had a good friendship but they did not have the bond that is depicted in the film. The statement that Gerry told the nurse toward Julius actually occurred, although many players had been stopped by the nurses in the intensive care unit, all of which replied were immediate family. Society took a drastic change as both whites and blacks united in order to support Gerry in his time of need. This film has aided the popular view of the Civil Rights Era and how after constant discrimination and racism, minorities began to integrate into white society.
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