Civil Law and Criminal Law

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In any given nation, there are two branches of the legal system, such as civil law, and criminal law. In the first civilizations they did not differentiate between civil and criminal law. However, In the United States today the degree of the significance of a crime, classified as felony or a misdemeanor. In this composition I will be discussing the differences between criminal and civil law and how they differ in consequences. The amount of crime differs between communities. Unfortunately, periodically crimes are not recorded in the statistics rates, since of undiscovered crime, which is called the dark figure of crime.

The civil law was originated by the romans law. The roman’s development of civil law consisted of more than a thousand years of jurisprudence by the twelve tables which hold the foundations for law systems today. The laws endorse equal treatment, and fairness. Also, the laws covered inheritance, marriage, and courtroom procedures. The civil legal system today is a branch dealing with definition and enforcement all private or public rights such as, Contract, family, intellectual, property, and tort laws which are called misdemeanors. An example of a misdemeanor dispute is the panhandling in Salt Lake City, according to Salt-Lake-city weekly, “three men were arrested for panhandling in Salt Lake City. Therefore, civil rights attorney Brian Barnard filled a complaint on the behalf of the three men. In the complaint the attorney explained how First Amendment rights were violated by state statute when police cited them while ignoring other comparable solicitations. The settlement that reached the city has agreed to not issue tickets to people who hold signs asking for money or assistance, so long as the individual does not stand in a location that would pose a safety risk to themselves or to others”. Under civil law, the government provides a forum for the resolution of torts were the plaintiff tries to prove a wrong was committed. Another example of a hypothetical civil lawsuit is that a former patient sues a doctor for misdiagnosis of cancer .The plaintiff claims that the defendant did not monitor her symptoms accordingly. As a result, her cancer spread throughout her body. In the end of the case, the court’s held the defendant liable. Therefore, his license was taken away, and he was sentenced to two years in prison.
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