Civil Commitment For Sex Offenders

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Sex offenders. These people have sparked much debate in the years past and also quite a lot now in the present time. No matter where one could go, one will always hear stories and news reports of incidents of adults being involved with children in a sexual manner or of some poor woman being raped. An example of this could be a preacher touching the altar boys, a man forcing himself onto a woman he held at gun point in an alley, it may just be an average run of the mill creep offering kids candy at a playground hoping to get something in return, or unfortunately it could just be a drunk person seen urinating outside, but that is the day and age we live in. The list is endless unfortunately and these offenders some in a variety of shapes, sizes, and appearances. There are a number of various factors such as what a sex offender is, what drives them, what civil commitment is, how civil commitment can be a solution, and why it might not work. First the question must be asked, what is a sex offender? Merriam Webster defines a sex offender as “a person who has been convicted of a crime involving sex.” (Sex Offender) This definition hits the nail on the head, but there is still the question of why would a person even commit the crimes that would classify them as a sex offender. The answer to this would possibly be that they do not choose. Some people are simply born with more inappropriate tendencies in their mind and if coupled with sexual abuse as a child from a parent or some other adult, then one would have a very scarred person that would eventually start committing heinous acts as well. Statistically, child sex offenders deceive and entice there victims into compliance instead of using physical force or violence to achieve their intentions. (Megan’s Law) This means that not only are they mentally ill, but they can also be very smart and manipulative, which is

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