Citizenship Rights And Human Rights

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The two main principles of human rights are incontrovertibility and universality. Incontrovertibility, the topic of this paper, refers to the idea that human rights are innate, meaning they are given at birth with no corresponding duties, and as such they cannot be given or taken away by the state. Universality, the second property, dictates that every person is entitled to human rights, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class or any other factor.
Both properties of human rights have certain problems associated with them. One of the main problems is the confusion between citizenship rights and human rights. Citizenship rights are rights that are provided by the state, for example, the right to own property (O'Byrne 26). This is an important
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This includes the right to be seen as a person before the law and be protected by the law, the right of freedom of speech and religion and the right to education. While these rights are not essential to life like the first group, they are needed for any person to feel safe in their country and have the option to freely live their life as they choose without discrimination.
The third and last group include rights relating to comfort. Examples of this from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are the right to marry without any restrictions due to race, nationality or religion, the right to own property, and the right to equal pay for equal work. (UDHR Article 23) These human rights are important in a functioning state and society to have equality between all people and have the opportunity to be able to live happily.
Therefore, in the example of right to religious freedom versus right to personal security, the right to personal security is more important and needs to be fulfilled before the right to religious freedom. In this case, the right to religious freedom should be denied, especially in cases like the example above where religious freedom is being used as an excuse to promote hateful
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