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Journalism is rapidly evolving by combining old media with a new media of online contributors. The emergence of new media forms has changed the way news organisations, journalists and their audiences interact. New media is rapidly growing and having a significant effect on traditional journalism mediums such as the newspaper, radio and television. Many journalists see these vast and dramatic changes to the industry as both a threat and opportunity to their profession. This essay will seek to discuss how journalism, as a profession is being challenged by new media.

The technological era we currently live in has introduced new ways of accessing and producing daily news. The advancements in technology, most importantly the Internet, has allowed professional journalists to produce news content quicker and easier than ever before.

However, the media industry is feeling the pressure of the increasing number of amateur journalists who are finding easier ways to express their opinions on the Internet. The rapid pace of the Internet and communications developments has left many traditional media organisations struggling to keep up, as they were not prepared for the sudden surge of the emerging new media.

New media has had a significant impact on how journalism is produced and received today. Multimedia journalism has introduced new ways of creating and sharing newsworthy information. The use of multimedia journalism has introduced new ays for citizens to become involved in the media.

Citizen journalists
Citizen journalism is a new form of media that has drastically changed the idea of professional journalism. The endless possibilities of the Internet has seen a rise in citizen journalism.

Citizen journalists are by no means connected...

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...zens in the creation of stories.

Journalists are trusted by the public to provide them with accurate and accountable information on newsworthy events. They undertake years of study and formal training that have given them the skills to investigate stories whilst upholding journalistic ethical standards and values.

Even though journalists and media organisations feel they are being challenged by new media they are by no means under threat. Citizen journalists do not have the adequate training and qualifications to surpass professional journalists. People will continue to get their hard news from trusted journalists who have reliable sourced. Unfortunately old print media was slow to react to the new media form, however current media organisations are finding ways to stay on top of technological advancements in order to keep their organisations still in the game.
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