Cisplatin Research Papers

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The well-known “penicillin of cancer drugs” is probably an appropriate nickname of cisplatin due to its world widely use as the first and one of the most effective treatment for numerous cancer diagnoses. One important thing that must be point out is that cisplatin is a very simple inorganic molecule comparing to other cancer drugs which generally are complex organic molecules. In order to design and develop new related cancer drugs, cisplatin has been used as a gold model by many scientists. General information Cisplatin is a metal-based anticancer chemotherapy drug which is a clear liquid and can be given directly into a vein by injection. It can target fast growing cancer cells to slow or stop the proliferation of the cancer cells and finally cause apoptosis. The systematic name of cisplatin is cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II) and CDDP is the abbreviation. The trade name of cisplatin in the market is Platinol® (cisplatin for Injection) or Platinol®-AQ. History The reason why cisplatin is called the “penicillin of cancer” is that because of its widespread use and also it was the first big and strong chemotherapy drug in medication history. It was first synthesized in the 1845 by Michel Peyrone, and known as Peyrone's chloride as well. At the time that cisplatin was discovered, actually no one would think it can be used to against cancer at all, and it was just one of the inorganic compound that researchers used to prove one of their synthetic route could work. About 50 years later, it become a significant factor of establishing the theory of coordination chemistry by Alfred Werne, in the work he figured out the accurate square planar configuration of cisplatin and pointed out the difference between the cis and trans is... ... middle of paper ... ...d with surgery or radiation therapy for different types of cancers. Conclusion Since the discovery of cisplatin, thousands of platinum complexes were evaluated, but only five were approved. Consequently, more than 10000 compound need to be screened so as to get a novel and more effective anticancer drug than cisplatin with the aid of inorganic or coordination chemistry. Solubility, reactivity, electronic and steric effects, and the configuration of metal complexes can be controlled by modifying the metal to other transition metal such as Pd and Ni or the ligand around the metal atom which has been reported that both the metal and the ligand can determine the biological activity. Hopefully we can find more efficient drugs that may contain much less side effects than cisplatin, as well as solve the problem of overcoming drug resistance of some cancers to cisplatin.
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