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Circumcision: Who’s Choice Is It?
“Do you see that right there?” the ultrasound technician says. The soon-to-be parents look up at the screen and they both know immediately what it means. Adding a new baby is one of the happiest things any family can do. These days hearing “it’s a boy!” usually brings with it the discussion of infant circumcision. The decision to circumcise a male child within a month of birth, commonly referred to as a neonatal circumcision is a medical, religious, social and ethical one. Males are born with a redundant piece of skin that covers the head of their penis called the prepuce, more commonly referred to as the foreskin. As an infant and child the foreskin is actually sealed to the head of the penis, referred to
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A circumcision is simply the surgical removal of the foreskin. There is medical evidence that suggests that circumcision decreases the likelihood of HIV transmission in adulthood ("Circumcision Policy Statement"). Circumcised males also are less likely to experience urinary tract infections, during a baby’s first year of life ("Circumcision Policy Statement"), and there are conflicting reports that circumcision may lead to a lower chance of penile cancer. Penile cancer being extremely rare and less than 1% of cancer in men in the United States ("What Are the Key Statistics about Penile Cancer?”). It may be medically indicated, usually in older children or adults after the foreskin has separated from the glans. Conditions such as phimosis or paraphimosis may need to be treated with a therapeutic circumcision.…show more content…
The majority of circumcisions I assisted with were consenting adults with medical reasons. Having taken part in post-operative care, babies and children heal incredibly quickly. All of the parents that I have dealt with were able to manage post-operative pain with simple over the counter Tylenol. Their children were not slowed down, seemingly quite unbothered by the procedure. Adult circumcisions were a very different story. Every adult circumcision I helped with was done under general anesthesia, which has its own risks, and were always far more complex than infant/child circumcisions. Far more skin to remove, larger relative incisions, and many more sutures. Adult men were miserable. They would be prescribed heavier pain relief, typically narcotics. As I would also answer the phones of the clinic, the vast majority of adult patients would call up for pain medication refills, more time off of work, and concerns about the appearance of their genitals in terms of swelling or bruising. The reason for their concern was that over the first few days their genitals would typically appear to get worse before better. The procedure is undeniably easier for a small child than an

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