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Another method that would have greatly helped with our discussion processes while not being interrupted by other group members is if we were to do a circle discussion. This would allow each individual to share their thoughts and ideas freely. Only when they are done speaking can other members continue their thoughts or to add on additional ideas. This method does not require any person to be supervisors but have the conversations flow naturally and gives the ability to share any restricted thoughts. The circle discussion give an organized and constructive opportunity for quiet members to contribute to the whole process. It allows each person to give their full thoughts and views without distractions.
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Many times even though I may know a general idea of what nurses, doctors, or children’s aid worker do, the image can be greatly distorted through the societal and media lens. To let each person explain their own discipline in terms of what they do, how they do it and their beliefs, it helps educate me in understanding the reality of their work. This greatly helps with the processes of multidisciplinary teamwork. When working with our own group of people in the same discipline, majority of the people have the somewhat of the same belief or values in what they do. However, while working with other disciplines, the values may be crossed and cause conflict. While working with this group in developing our presentation, there were times where I was confused of what was happening when discussing our roles. Each person seemed to have a distorted view of the disciplines present. So while creating and writing down the roles and scripts, many were confused of the characters in the disciplinary sense. Afterwards, when we all realized that we had not much of an idea of each discipline, we went around in a circle explaining our programs or occupation. We clarified it with each other …show more content…

However, reflecting back, I personally am not aware of how my non-verbal communication may have been displayed when trying to work with my group. As taught in class, humans trust more on non-verbal communication than verbal communication. The fact that I do not recall how my non-verbal communication were (besides the time where I was expressing my anger,) I have no recollection of how my peers may have responded. An aspect that I feel I should pay more attention in future teamwork scenarios, I need to be mindful of what meanings my actions may have given off that my teammates may have interpreted as either positive or negative. Ultimately, this might have been the reason why I did not get along well with my teammates. Although we may have the same interest, my non-verbal communication cues may have been misinterpret and resulted to many negative

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