Circadian Rhythms And Circadian Rhythms

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Introduction Our bodies experience ups and downs throughout the whole day, and that is due to our biological rhythms. The fluctuations that occur in our biological system are what dictate numerous factors within our body. Our circadian rhythms which occur within a 24-hour cycle, are coordinated with the external environment, however, they can also get unbalanced. Today, I will write about what circadian rhythms are and how our biological clock works, I will describe what happens when they become out of sync. In addition, I will also explain my mental alertness levels for the past three days. Circadian Rhythms Circadian rhythms also known as sleep/wake cycle or body clock, is a natural, internal system that is designed to regulate our feelings…show more content…
This tends to happen when there are changes in one’s normal routines. For example, it can happen due to flights across time zones or new work shifts. When our biological clock is disrupted it gets out of whack, and the immediate repercussions would be that our sleeping, waking, and digestive system would be thrown off. It can also lead to longer-term effects such as, increased cardiovascular events, obesity and even depression and bipolar…show more content…
I have never kept an hourly record of my mental alertness till now. During this three-day period, I noticed that my alertness follows a certain path. On Thursday and Friday, I noticed that during the morning time, during 7:00-8:00am I was extremely drowsy, while at 9:00am I was somewhat drowsy, by 10:00am, on I was extremely alert and efficient till about 3:00pm where I would slow down a bit more again, and that was till I at least ate lunch. In the late afternoon, around 7:00-8:00pm I was alert again till I sat down and did homework, by 9:00-10:00pm I was already tired and drowsy, due to all the duties of the day. My third day was Saturday and I noticed that my circadian rhythm was different. I slept better at night, without any disruptions. I woke up late around 11am and once I was up I was somewhat alert, by 12:00pm on I was extremely alert and efficient. I did not experience any drowsiness or tiredness during the day till about 11pm. However, I was able to keep myself up and go to bed around

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