Cinematic Teenage Influences

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Contemporary teenagers simply need role models, and someone to look up to. They crave the feeling of acceptance which follows when they think they know how to model themselves and behave. However, instead of looking to those who may be deemed inspirational or benevolent, they are looking to film stars who may or may not have the best morals on-screen. They can control hundreds, if not thousands, of teens by their actions and decisions in films. Considering the abundance of troubled teen portrayals in films, teenagers are mimicking these characters in often dangerous ways.

Body image issues, while not usually a small matter, tend to be magnified in teens after viewing their favorite characters experiencing the same issues. In “Mean Girls,” “Head Plastic” Regina George is so fixated on keeping a slim and tiny body. She will go on numerous diets and eventually to eating only protein bars she thinks will help her lose weight. In addition, the store attendant from the store where Regina wishes to buy her Spring Fling dress tells Regina, “Sorry, we only carry sizes 1, 3, and 5. You could try Sears,” (“Mean Girls”). The associates manner teaches young girls they need to look like tiny twigs in order to feel beautiful and be treated with respect. In “300: Rise of and Empire,” the Spartan actors all have very chiseled, muscular bodies, they attained these physiques by working out for months before they could start a specialized workout known as the "300 Workout" in which the participant performed 300 repetitions of a given exercise. These sorts of body types are leaving young boys and men with issues with their body images as well. They want to gain muscular weight and look just like the actors who went through extreme workouts. Time rec...

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