Cinematic History

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In an industry that’s been around for over one hundred thirty years and grosses over ten billion dollars a year, there’s got to be an interesting history to go with it (Film). Let me take you back to a time before seven dollar popcorn, before blu ray, and before television was even invented. When going to the movies was a luxury in itself. No special effects or computer generated images. The early stages of the invention of cinema which was essentially just moving pictures, started during the ending of the 19th century. The radio was invented around that time, but it was not accessible for home use until later. So the people of that time had to go stage shows to be entertained, such as vaudeville shows, or operas, or plays. Nickelodeons were around then, but they were used in bars, dance halls, and for the wealthy they were used for parlor tricks when guests would visit. Other than that it was books (Kiel 23). As far as pictures went, none were moving. It wasn’t until 1878 when the former 
Governor of California Leland Stanford who was an entrepreneur and race-horse owner, asked the question of whether all four of a horse's hooves left the ground at the same time during a gallop when Edweard Muybridge took it upon himself to figure out the answer. Muybridge answered Stanford’s question by taking a sequence of negative images of a horse running, and showed Stanford a picture of the horse with all four legs above the ground at the same time. A year later Muybridge decided to build off of his sequences and invent the zoopraxiscope to present his moving images. The zoopraxiscope projected images from rotating glass disks in rapid succession to make it seem like the images were in motion (Kiel 30).
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