Cinema In The 20th Century

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Films have been a large part of the world for many years, but without the beginnings of cinema in the late nineteenth century and the advancements in technology that began in the early twentieth century, the brilliant films of today would not be possible. From silent films to talkies, black and white films to color films, the short and bland movies which were created years and years ago have led to the masterpieces filled with vibrant colors and stimulating sounds of today. Thomas Edison once said, “I had some glowing dreams about what the cinema could be made to do and ought to do in teaching the world things it needed to know—teaching it in a more vivid, direct way…” Thomas Edison had no doubt that the cinema industry would amount to something…show more content…
“The cinema was invented during the 1890s. During the first decade of the cinema’s existence, inventors worked to improve the machines for making and showing films” From the moment films started being made, inventors were already trying to progress the industry and improve the machines used to produce these films; this shows the determination and imagination of the inventors of the machines used in films. The brilliant movies which are being produced around the world today would not have the opportunity to amount to anything if the producers and inventors of the late nineteenth century had not been as motivated and determined as they were. Without the invention of the phonofilm and vitaphone, the Technicolor and the Eastmancolor, and Walt Disney’s introductions to CGI animation, movies of today would be stuck in the late nineteenth century: short, bland, and silent. As the brilliant Walt Disney once said, "You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a
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