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There was a kingdom in South Java called the jenggala Kingdom. Jenggala Kingdom was ruled by a very powerful and wealthy king named Raden Putra. This king has a wife whose very kind to the citizens and not arrogant. King Raden Putra also has a concubine whose very evious and jealousy. One day, the king’s concubine planned an evil plan to get rid of the king’s wife so that she could replace her. She worked together with the king’s guardian so that her plan would succeed. She pretended to be ill and the king’s guardian was called by the king and he told the king that someone has put a poison on her food that she had eaten. “I’m sorry to know that the one who had poisoned your concubine is your own wife.” “Send her out of my kingdom and told her to never come back! Kill her if you must,” the king ordered his guardians. The king got really surprised and mad and he forced his wife to get out of his kingdom. One of the king’s guardian then brought her to the forest while she was pregnant. The king’s guardian felt pity on her and decided not to kill the king’s wife because he knew that ...

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