Cinderella and the Velvet Heels

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Cinderella and the Velvet Heels: A Fable Narrative Fables often have their protagonists find success, through acts of kindness from others, or by simply taking action at an opportune time. Indicating that simply being a good person will bring about positive results. However, this tale shall take a different path. It will show where, hard work and determination, will help an individual succeed despite any adversity. Cinderella was a beautiful and happy teenager; however one fateful night tragedy would strike, causing her life to change forever. On that night Cinderella’s parents were caught in a car accident. Her father passed swiftly, while her mother was rushed to the hospital. The doctor regrettably passed along the news to Cinderella that, “Your mother isn’t going to make it, but she is awake and would like to speak with you.” Tears flowed from her eyes, and she let out a sniffle, but she cleaned herself up and resolved to speak with her mother. In her mother’s final moments, she said to her “My love, work hard, keep your chin up, and make me proud, as I watch over you from above.” Afterwards, Cinderella was put into foster care, and found a home with a shrewd woman. Cinderella’s new foster mother had two daughters of her own, beautiful in their own right, but spoiled rotten and hopelessly vain. The family treated Cinderella poorly, clothing her in rags, forcing her to do all the chores, and always talking down to her. However, Cinderella remembered her mother’s words and remained resolved to finish high school, despite her living conditions. . Time moved on, and in her senior year Cinderella looked forward to attending the prom. Cinderella asked her foster mother, “If I promise to have all my chores done that night, may I g... ... middle of paper ... ...boy knocked on the door which was answered by the foster mother. She greeted him and asked, “Which of my daughters are you here to see?” He replied “I’m here to see Cinderella.” Taken aback by his reply she called out for Cinderella. As she came down her foster mother asked, “What did you do to this poor boy?” Before Cinderella could reply he said, “I just came to return this to her. And also to ask if and when may I see her again?” Overjoyed to see him again Cinderella replied, “Whenever you would like.” They went on to date well past High School. Cinderella worked her way through college, and the couple often helped each other by sharing notes, and motivating each other to succeed. The moral of the story is despite any adversity that you may face, with enough effort, and hard work. All obstacles in your path can be overcome, and any goal you set can be achieved.

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