Cinderella Story Analysis

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The Cinderella story has been part of many cultures even though it may not have been called cinderella but, the meaning of these stories are all very similar. “Cinderella, as we know it, is experienced as a story about the agonies and hopes … and about the degraded heroine winning out over her siblings who abused her” (Bettelheim, 2). We see the story as a women overcoming small problems and getting help from an outside source to help fulfill her dreams. As a child watches or reads this folktale they will get the feeling that this outside source, some sort of magic or a real person, will sweep them up and help guide them through their life. This false conception on children can be very dangerous because the children will get a sense of…show more content…
As much as these two stories differ,separated by years and miles, they are very much alike one another and contain the same basic principle in both stories. There are many different variants to the Cinderella story that follow a story where the main character is being mistreated and then one day has a major change in their life and everything becomes better. However both stories revolve around the transformation of the main characters beauty, they both focus on the main character 's feet, for example in the chinese variant, “The more he marveled at its beauty, the more determined he become to find the woman to whom the shoe belonged” (Ai-Ling, 4). Also seen in the disney’s version ,”The Prince sent the Grand Duke to find the girl who fit the glass slipper.”(Disney, 14). The chinese culture found beauty in the woman 's foot size and that the smaller foot was always meant to mean a more beautiful woman. This form of beauty was taken from the chinese culture and used in the current day cinderella story as well to show that cinderella was beautiful. The Cinderella story isn 't just one story it has many different variations all along the world that even include a male version of
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