Cinderella Story

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You might think this is another Cinderella story. In fact it is. But before you set this story down and walk away, just read a little more. I swear you’ll be hooked. There was this rich, beautiful 18 year old girl named Lexi. Lexi was not just a rich girl, her father was the senator of Kansas. Unfortunately, Lexi never knew her mother as she dies when Lexi was just 2 years old. Then about 2 years ago, he remarried. She was very pretty, (she used a LOT of makeup) and had two daughters. The step-mother’s name was Amy, and the daughters’ names were Teddy and China. Then about a month ago, the dad died. It was then that the step-mother showed her true colors so to speak. She was mean and rude to Lexi, and then she lavished affection, time, money, and fine clothes on her daughters. While the step-daughters barely had to lift a finger around the house, Lexi had to do all the work. Amy, Teddy, and China basically treated her like a slave. They had just heard that the president of the United States was giving a ball, and it was a very A-list event. The reason that he was throwing a part was that he wanted to find a wife for his son, Gabe. So Amy, Teddy, and China, went out to all the big name designer stores and bought the most stylish dresses, fabulous shoes, and the “most perfect” accessories they could find. They had Lexi get them all ready. After she was all done getting them ready, she said, “Can I go with you?” “You?! You’re kidding right?! Dressed like that! You wouldn’t even make it through the gate let alone the door to the ballroom.” Amy said “Seriously? That outfit has no swag at all.” China said. “Yeah.” Said Teddy. When everyone had left the room except Lexi and Teddy, she turned to Lexi and said, “When we went shopping, I bo... ... middle of paper ... ...nt colors. The dolphin’s water was blue, the fields water was golden and the mountains water was purple. She was wondering how they got the water that color when someone walked up behind her and said, “Dye.” Lexi spun around and said, “What did you just say to me?” “Were you not wondering how we made the water those colors?” “Yes. But don’t ever sneak up on somebody like that and just say ‘Dye’. They might think you meant the other ‘Die”, and think you were trying to kill them. Plus you scared me really bad.” “I am dreadfully sorry. Is there anything I can do to make amends?” “Well there are a few thing that you could do.” “Such as?” “Well for starters, don’t talk that that. We aren’t in the medivel times anymore. The second thing is, come out of the shadows. I was to see who you are.” “Ok, Ill come out. Just promise me that you will not freak out.” “Ok, I promise.”

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