Cigarettes Be Banned

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Should Cigarettes Be Banned from Use in All Public Places?
The use of cigarettes was initially practiced solely by soldiers however due to modern mechanizations cigarettes and their use can be found around every corner and by people from all strata of life. The negative repercussions on the smoker’s health were not yet known; in fact some European physicians subscribed to the notion that the smoking of tobacco could be an efficacious medicine. This has been disproved by countless researches. Almost everyone knows that smoking causes cancer, emphysema, and heart disease and a slew of other medical threats. People are now aware that the smoke emitted into the air, which may be inhaled by non-smokers, is even more hazardous to one’s health. Yet people continue to engage in the practice. Some may argue that its use should be prohibited from public spaces for health, social and ethical reasons; while others believe that the freedom to “light it up” is a right is as smoking if it is a choice made by an individual. Serious reflection, inference, research and past experiences have lead me to agree with the former. I strongly believe that the smoking of cigarettes, especially in public spaces, should be verboten.
In 1964, then Surgeon General Luther Terry penned an audacious report by revealing that cigarette smoking can be linked to lung cancer and probably heart disease and the government should do something about it. This caused a stir, prompting many subsequent studies. Since the 1964 Surgeon General’s report, “cigarette smoking has been causally linked to diseases of nearly all organs of the body, to diminished health status, and to harm to unborn fetuses. Even 50 years after the first Surgeon General’s report, research continue...

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... free country, people should have the right to choose whether they smoke or not. Placing a ban on something that sometimes do for personal pleasure may enrage some citizens or even marginalize them. However, I believe that the health of the general public is of much higher priority.
The matter of smoking is truly perplexing and can be argued with vigor by all parties involved. Cigarette smoking is a past time of many people and generates a lot of revenue. However, the spoils most definitely outweigh the gains. The public use of cigarettes poses a risk to health and general quality of air. It also promotes smoking as being seemingly acceptable and encourages others to practice. Also it causes the atmosphere of many public spaces to be generally uncomfortable for many non-smokers. Therefore I resolutely believe that the public use of cigarettes should be prohibited.
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