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How have you continued to grow in your faith and how are you involved in the life of your parish? I am involved in many parts of the parish. At most sunday mornings my family and I sing in the church choir, yet; there are many days where I become a server for Mass. Also, mainly during the summer have I play piano or accompanied another musician for the Mass. Recently I am now signed up to be a lector for church. In multiple outside church activities have I helped, for example, the Sacred Heart Fun Fair. Many times I help with the games, while other times I am in the kitchen helping bus tables. Also, I have participated in many parish activities around our community like bingo, stations of the cross and the spaghetti supper. In these activities I have continued to grow in faith. These activities especially being a server reminds me how easily I can become caught up in my non-religious activities. When I am a server I can reflect more on my life, while in the choir, I tend to focus more on the music. Also, since I had recently been Confirmed, I believe I grew largely in my faith. With this Sacrament, and the many activities I did to receive it, I have a better understanding of my faith and now take my faith more seriously. How have you served your school and community during your high school years and how has this benefited both you and others? One example of how I have served my community is in Swing choir we were able to sing for many community members during the Christmas season. Another way of serving the community is doing many volunteer activities like cleaning road ditches and playing bingo with the nursing home residents which I have done many times in 4-H. In the summer helping younger 4-H members learn about gardening... ... middle of paper ... ...bility to travel the world and find new species of animals. Though becoming a landscape architect may be more realistic than the other, studying animals is a path I will strive to accomplish with more passion and as much commitment. Where do you plan to continue your post-secondary education and why did you choose this institution? I plan to go to the University of Minnesota Crookston. I choose to go to this college because of the many opportunities it gives me. I either want to become a landscape architect or a natural scientist. In Crookston, both fields of study can be further explored so I can find which area I am more capable of achieving. Also, there are many clubs or groups which would give me the chance to do many enjoyable community activities. Some activities include RotACT, Choir, the Wildlife Society, Christian Ministry, and the Natural Resources Club.
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