Chuorinkan and Kignae Houses in Tokoyo, Japan

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Both the Chuorinkan house and the Koganei house are in the To kyo suburbs and were designed at about the same time. Though they differ structurally and visually, they represent one approach to the problems they involve. The starting points of both are deliberate quotations and reorganizations of architectural compositional elements that can be called representative of the early modern period. I have used the same kind of design approach in other works. For example quotations from motifs used by Le Corbusier and Charles Rennie Mackintosh are found in the interior of PMT Building No. 1 (JA, September, 1978). Project W and PMT Building No. 2 entail reorganizations of elements from Le Corbusier's La Roche-Jeanneret House in Paris. And the facade of the Osaka PMT factory quotes the facade of Le Corbusier’s Villa Stein, at Garches. The aims behind quoting and reorganizing operations of this kind are (1) producing the effect of collages of heterogeneous elements and (2) visual ization of surface elements. Though the Chuorinkan house resembles PMT Building No. 1 in that its facade consists o...
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