Chuck Yeager: Breaking The Sound Barrier

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Chuck Yeager is an American pilot who was also the first person to break the sound barrier. In 1947, Chuck Yeager flew the X-1 over Rogers Dry Lake in Southern California. The X-1 flew to an altitude of 25,000 feet by a B-29 aircraft then flew through bomb bay, going 40,000 feet and going 662 miles per hour (the sound barrier at that altitude). His plane was nicknamed “Glamorous Glennis” and had thin wings. Yeager’s first attempt of breaking the sound barrier took place on August 29, 1947, with a lot of attempts to increase the speed by two-hundredths (0.02) of a Mach number. Mach is a different way of measuring the speed of sound in a given medium. For instance, Mach only moves at two-tenths of the speed of sound, while Mach 1 is equal to
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