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Chromium is a metal found in natural deposits as ores containing

other elements. Chromium is a steel-gray, hard metal that is very brittle. It

is classified as a heavy metal. After its refined from the ore chromite its

compounds are used in leather tanning and manufacturing of chromic acid,

pigments, and corrosion-resistant chrome products. The greatest use of

chromium is in metal alloys such as magnetic tapes, paint pigments, cement,

paper, and stainless steel.

It is also used as an ingrediant in drilling mud, which is used to drill

oil wells. Humans do need a certain amount of trivalent chromium to

maintain good health. Although, in other forms, chromium can be toxic for

humans. Workers in chromium products facilities have increased risks of

cancer of the lungs and nose.

In 1974, Congess passes the Safe Drinking Water Act. This act

required EPA to determine safe levels of chemicals in drinking water which

might cauase health problems. These levels are called Maximum

Contaminant Level Goals or MCL...
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