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Journalist Jon Krakauer reassembles the fact of life of a young man who leaves his family and society to find true himself. Krakauer intends to reveal Christopher McCandless’s character and nature by interacting people who influenced him. The more people were attached to him, get to know more about him in depth; those who know him from outside often refered him as careless. In the book Into the Wild Krakauer presents McCandless as modest and caring person whereas other may see him as thoughtless.
Krakauer describes McCandless as a modest person who respects the people on his journey to find himself out in the nature. While working for Wayne Westerberg, he develops a deep friendship with Westerberg’s including his mother and girlfriend Borah. Krakauer brings up Borah’s opinion about McCandless, “Sometimes he’d have me over to Wayne’s place and fix supper for everybody. Cooked a lot of rice. You’d think he would of got tired of it, but he never did” (Krakauer 63). As an
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McCandless sets out for a journey without scheming the needed resources. The truck driver, Gallien meets McCandless on his journey. His observation has been brought out by Krakauer. Krakauer writes as Gallien remembers, “He wasn’t carrying anywhere near as much food and gear as you 'd expect a guy to be carrying for that kind of trip” ( Krakauer 4). This information shows that McCandless is unprepared from the beginning of his journey. In order to live a trip for month into the deep wild needs enough resources. Similarly he also denies to take any more resources with himself. As Alex refuses to accept the resource and replies, “I 'll be fine with what I’ve got”(Krakauer 6). McCandless’s confidence to spend the time without enough supplies can cause him to face problems, as well as it is hard to find help into the places he is going to take a tour on. Not having enough materials proves him to be careless about surviving in his
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