Christopher Hitchens and His Observation on North Korea

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Author Christopher Hitchens spent part of the year 2010 in North Korea. After he returned he had this to say in a conference:
I knew what I’m not going to say about North Korea. I’m not going to say it, Schoolchildren are marched to school carrying pictures of the dear leader and the great leader. The loudspeakers speak of nothing but the dear leader and the great leader. At workplaces there are sessions set apart everyday for cries of hatred against the United States, and the west, and South Korea. I’m still not gonna do it. They won’t make me say Nineteen Eighty-Four they just won’t make me do it. But eventually they make you do it (LibertyPen).
Christopher Hitchens makes a great observation about the state of North Korea today, and what he saw is just what is shown to the public. It is more than likely impossible for the west to know the way that the world works for the North Korean Proles. Totalitarian states use two methods to control the people. Propaganda, and fear. Propaganda works the best in a mostly closed system, like North Korea, because of the way they can’t see if the government is lying about the outside world. When the government says “Our neighbors have it worse, they only has one pound of rice a month” the people have no reason to doubt it, and they be happy with their two pounds. North Korea is a great example of this because the government teaches the people that all of the other countries in the surrounding are jealous of the North Korean people’s hard work and food amount. The North Korean government carefully developed a cult of personality around their leaders Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, and currently Kim- Jong-Un. Recently there was a case of a fourteen year old girl dying in a flood trying to save a pi...

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...m could do, and at the same time he made it seem realistic. 1984 lasts today because of the talent of the writer behind it.

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