Christmas Message : A Theological Circles About Where Jesus

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Today I want conclude the series of Christmas Messages, with my opinion on the theory that is being promoted among some Theological circles about where Jesus was born, In a stable or a guest chamber of a friend of Joseph or some one in Bethlehem who was kind and took Joseph & Mary in. In recent years some Theologians have been teaching that the traditional Christmas story in Luke 2 is not full true story. They state that “the following story comes to us through a long Church tradition. Most modern versions of that story follow a familiar pattern.” “ The Holy Family arrives late in the night. The local inn has its “no vacancy” sign clearly displayed. The tired couple seeks alternatives and finds none. With no other option, wearied from their journey and desperate for any shelter because of the imminent delivery, they spend the night in a stable where the child is born.” Their new concept of the Birth is centers around the “Inn”. Their version of the birth of the Christ Child, Luke 2-7 “Inn” was not a early version of the hotel or motel where travelers would spend the night, but it was the guest room of a private home. They go on to state that, the manger was built into the floor of the house for feeding the animals (mostly at night), and a small area approximately four feet lower than the living area into which the family cow or donkey is brought in at night,. The next morning they would take them out to a secure place. Most Christmas pageantry gives a quick story without covering the details, and rightly so, as time is not permitted to go into great detail. We are aware that from the time they arrived and found no space available in the Inn, and the birth of Jesus may have been some time later and not the... ... middle of paper ... ... at night and out the next morning was a daily practice. Now the law of “muktzah”, there are exceptions which allows a Jew to touch an animal, like that recorded in Luke 13:15 “..on the Sabbath loose his ox or ass from the stall, and leads him away to watering.” and in Luke 14:5 “... on fallen into a pit and will ye not straightway pull him out on the Sabbath day?” There are other exceptions like giving the medical help. This forbidden act is not listed in the thirty-nine categories of activity prohibited on Shabbat for today 's Jew. There are often disagreements between Orthodox Jews and Conservative Jews or other non-Orthodox Jews as to the practical observance of the Sabbath. One final note: I have yet to find in any of the early church write, that holds to the concept that the Inn was non other than a place for travelers not a personal home of some one.

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