Christmas - An Extraordinary Holiday

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Christmas - An Extraordinary Holiday

As I grow older, Christmas is the greatest holiday for my family and me. The powerful feeling of family is never any stronger than on Christmas Day. The stress of the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve all seeps away as our children come running into our bedroom to see if we are awake yet. Even though our children are teenagers, the tradition doesn't change; Santa is real if you believe in him.

I've seen our children wake up as early as 5:00 a.m. As our children awake us, my husband tries to draw out the anticipation by telling them he needs to take a shower first. After much begging and grumbling, they agree and the three of us make our way into the kitchen to bake cinnamon rolls. While my husband is showering, we are in the kitchen preparing the cinnamon rolls. By the time he is done, the smell of the gooey sweet cinnamon rolls is drifting through the house.

As I pull the rolls out of the oven, my daughters are tearing into the stockings Santa filled while visiting the night before. Santa always remembers Mom and Dad, too. W...

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