Christmas: A Christmas Tree

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year filled with decorations, cookies, Christmas lights and a huge Christmas tree. As I was growing up the Christmas tree was the biggest thing to have in our family. It was the very first thing we would beg to be put up so we could decorate it however we wanted it. We had a nine foot tall Christmas tree that would sit right as you walked in to our living room. My brothers and I was always so excited to have it brought up the steps and set up to where we could decorate it and put the angel on the very tip top of the tree. Christmas is always a big deal for our whole entire family, it’s the biggest time of the year. Everyone in my family would always get together no matter what the conditions are. December was our favorite month out of the whole year growing up. As soon as the first day came around we were already begging for the tree to be brought up the steps and put up. My mom was always annoyed putting up the Christmas tree because of how big…show more content…
The angel was a big thing in the house for the tree; it was passed down from many generations making it very special to everyone in the house. Even though us kids didn’t understand until we got older we still knew the meaning of the angel and why it was to be put on the very top of the tree. Our parents would make sure to get and extension cord from down stairs to reach the plug in on the angel. They would then get a ladder and make sure the lights on the angel weren’t burned out and if they was they was replaced. They would then climb up the ladder and place her on top. The angle was turned on every night before bed time and left on all night till the next morning. Christmas Eve she would be kept on all night and all through Christmas Day. Presents would be put under the tree after all of us kids were asleep, this is still how it happens every year even with us being
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