Christians should be silent on social issues and stay out of people's lives because they have no right to judge or critique others

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Christians should not be silent on social issues due to their size, moral compass and Gods activeness. They should not judge the lives of the people they know but gently criticize them while displaying Jesus’ love and acceptance.
Social issues around the world personally affect many Christians. ‘All these issues and many others affect both Christians and those with no religious faith,’ about one third, ‘32% of the World population is Christian . So Christians should utilise their numbers and partake in social issues that directly concern them or issues which create, ‘the stirring of the love of God which cannot be contained,’ within them.
In Hebrews 5:11 it states, “for those who are mature, who through training have the skill to recognize the difference between right and wrong.” Christians are blessed with a moral compass. It is this compass that we should employ in our struggle to help others. Many people are not led by this and do not want to help others suffering and instead want to make a profit. So, Christians should use their majority and their sense of right and wrong to help guide the rest of the World. This over time will create a more peaceful, and loving environment for people to live in, instead of a society that is purely about profit.
Like King David, in 2 Samuel 6:1-15 we need to take God into the cities. After seeing how Obed-Edom was blessed with the Ark of the Covenant, David took the Ark into the city so that others could receive its blessing. As Christians we are the modern day new testament of a vessel that carries and contains the spirit of God in us. Christians are Gods Ark. Therefore Christians need to spread Gods will over the Earth.
‘Jesus isn’t sitting back at ease, unconcerned about the state of o...

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... eternal life,’ As Christians our role in people’s lives should be to live as an example and to help others live to their lives to the highest standard for God. By recommending changes people can make to their lives, but by gently doing to, Christians can remain a shining light, but also a helpful one too.

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