Christians children's story

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Children are loved beyond measure by God, who created them. This is the lesson this book teaches. The author, Max Lucado wrote in the dedication, “God couldn’t love you more than he already does.” This is the lesson of the whole story. The genre of this book is Christian children’s story. I often read stories like this in Sunday school and in my early years attending a private elementary school. In my opinion, this book is appropriate for children aged 4-7, but can be encouraging to children of all ages. The topic of which age group this book fits with will be discussed further on in this paper. Max Lucado is self-described as “a preacher with a storyteller’s gift – a pastor’s heart and a poet’s pen” (About Max Lucado). He has written many children’s stories as well as devotional books for adults. He has co-authored devotional books with his daughter and other inspirational writers. He pastors at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. This story is related to his others works – the main character, Punchinello, has starred in other stories such as “You are Special” and “If I just Had a Green Nose” among others. His stories often revolve around the main character feeling pressured to fit in with the society around them, often to their own dismay. He or she feels inclined to go against what he or she knows is the “right” thing in order to make friends or gain the approval of others. The character then faces a situation which they have no options left; the only way out is confronting their fear; and coming face to face with their creator (or an authority figure). The back of “You are Mine” summarizes the story this way, “Boxes and balls. They were the latest thing! Fancy balls. Colorful boxes. All the Wemmicks had them. All, tha... ... middle of paper ... ...rall, this story is wonderful. It teaches children that they are loved. Teachers, parents and caregivers can use it to teach many important lessons to the children they take care of. God created us in His image and loves us so much – we cannot even comprehend it. This book teaches children that. The artistry that went in to creating this book paid off. It is both esthetical and aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion. “And so that night Punchinello slept on a bed of wood shavings. He slept well. It felt good to be in the house of his maker” (p. 31). One day, we will be in the house of our maker. Jesus is preparing a place for each and every one who believes in Him. Works Cited "About Max Lucado." Max Lucado. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Mar. 2014. . Lucado, M. (2001). You are mine. New York, NY: Scholastic Inc., 31 pages.
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